Mar 12

CPAN and Wx on StrawberryPerl, problems resolved

Category: Linux,Perl   — Published by tengo on March 12, 2009 at 4:43 pm

Shortly after learning about StrawberryPerl (which I documented in my post about it as replacement for ActivePerl) I was tempted to actually try it. Well, tempted..., more like forced to try it. A script I am developing needed HTTP::Proxy and I was just unable to fetch it/get it working in the ActivePerl environment - even after some searching and detours over

The second important module my script uses is Wx, the great GUI toolkit for perl. And here is where the otherwise great impression of StrawberryPerl ran into problems. It wouldn't install. After some research I got it working. So, before you do any complicated cpan -i steps and start banging your head against the wall, do this to resolve major trouble beforehand:

cpan -i Bundle::CPAN

After that cpan -i Wx should run through without errors (grab a cup of coffee, it will take some time..)