Mar 26

Kyocera printer on EeePC, a troubleshooting worklog

Category: Linux,Xandros / ASUS Eee PC   — Published by tengo on March 26, 2008 at 5:32 am

When connecting a Kyocera FS-1010 to an ASUS Eee PC the default configuration should recognize the printer on USB and properly set it up for printing. But, as I said, it should...

Actually getting the Kyocera to work on the EeePC was a little bit harder. First I fiddled around with the configuration of the printer, especially the used printer language, in the preferences menu. Using Foomatic + Postscript, Foomatic + lj4script etc brought no significant difference.

Then I noticed that Xandros was using the CUPS printer management subsystem and I decided to search for hangups there, which brought the desired successful result. To do the same, fist enter the CUPS configuration console. CUPS has a webfrontend which makes everything quite simple. Open your browser and open:


The management console will load and if you are lucky your Kyocera will show up. Go to the "Edit printer" submenu and see how it is configured. On my configuration I found out that the path was correctly set to and reached my printer, but the device was wrongly set to AppWebkit/HP. Immediately after I changed it to my "Kyocery FS-1010 on USB#1" which was also on the list, the printer fired up and startet to process the printer queue.

CUPS will ask you to enter your password. If you don't know what your password is read this about the default or later set root password on an EeePC. And then enter "root" as user and "<your password>" as password.

Anyway, in the tail to this success I had some minor problems that the GUI printer manager seemed to overwrite the changed settings on the CUPS console, or the printer suddenly disappeared from the CUPS console completely. But for now it worked.

This procedure should work with most printers. So be sure to enter the CUPS manager and see if everything is set up correctly.