Jan 13

AdSense: No ads on my website

Category: Linux,WWW   — Published by tengo on January 13, 2012 at 7:01 am

Off-topic, but related, somewhat, to defunct websites:

Help, my Google AdSense account is active, but the ad units placed on my site don't display ads!
Hilfe, auf meiner Website werden keine AdSense Anzeigen eingeblendet, die Werbung wird nicht angezeigt!

It's quite probable you knowingly or unknowingly violated Google AdSense program policies:

Try investigating the issue with this Q&A from Google:

which might lead you to the

In case you did receive a terms violation notice, and in case you resolved the issue or the original assumption of Google was wrong, you might want to try to appeal against the deactivation of your site's ad display:

I made this short post here for anyone else who thinks the Google KnowledgeBase is complete but a mess in terms of navigation and "finding stuff". So here are the essentials links in Google wants to break up with you...