Apr 07

Free music making software

Category: Linux,Music   — Published by tengo on April 7, 2008 at 6:20 am

Let's start this blog as we would start writing a new song (at least in most cases today): by switching on the computer and firing up our music making software of choice.

Besides numerous well-established commercial software suites to write, record and mix music, there is a whole slew of free tools available to produce your next masterpiece - or at least get you started with basic functionalities.

Here is a quick overview without any claims to be complete:

  • Audacity, an audio editor
  • Beast, linux, a music composition and modular synthesis program
  • BuzzMachines, software sound synthesis
  • GunGirl, an audio only drag-and-drop sequencer
  • Hydrogen drum machine with intuitive pattern-based programming
  • Kristal, multi-track audio recording software. ASIO, VST FX support,16 audio track limit (only free for personal use)
  • Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS), linux, audio and MIDI sequencer
  • Mad Tracker, tracker supporting ASIO, VST, ReWire,
  • Mixxx, a DJing tool
  • MusE, linux, audio and MIDI editing and recording software
  • ProTools Free, freeware version of the ProTools suite
  • Psycle, a tracker-type sequencer
  • Reaper, audio and MIDI sequencer, free in older versions
  • Rosegarden, linux, a full MIDI and Audio sequencer
  • Schism Tracker, a tracker sequencer
  • Seq24, a simple loop-based MIDI sequencer, best for live performances
  • SuperCollider, a sound-synthesis and sequencer cross-brew
  • TrakAx, tracker without VST support

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