Apr 29

Pictures as life logging stream

Category: Linux,WWW   — Published by goeszen on April 29, 2013 at 4:28 pm

When it comes to life-logging, I've already outlined how important it is from my point of view to make it *reasonably*. Even the CEO of Memoto, reminds us to keep it easy, so we don't invest more time in logging than in living. And that's important from the maker of a camera that takes pictures of everything...

Another thing is to think about where your data ends up. The Openlog Initiative, with it's suite of specs and its reference app is focusing on that aspect of lifelogging: privacy. I don't think that logging your activities has to be connected with exhibiting your private life on the Web. It can be a personal diary of things, maybe it should be a personal diary of things. At least, privacy has to be optional. Memoto uploads your data to Amazon servers, only accessible by you. OK. But what when they change their mind, like Instagram did after the acquisition? "All your photos belong to us!"

All these activities are your life. They should remain private, at least mostly. Pictures and everything else of your log should be easily exportable, so you can migrate your dataset once your service provider gets foul. The community should offer free and capable solutions to store your lifelog (and/or picture stream) in a private/self hosted environment. We should be critical with businesses helping us to log our lifes.

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