Mar 21

Ruairi to direct live-action Akira

Category: Linux,Screenwriting   — Published by tengo on March 21, 2008 at 9:25 am

If you happened to visit Ruairi Robinson's website in the past, then you know what an all around great guy Ruairi is (and know about his high quality work).

So I am pleased to join in on the good news (via AW and AICN) that Ruairi is going to direct the live action version of the manga-then-anime cult hit Akira. As rumours go, the piece will be produced by Appian Way under the banner of Warner Bros.

Go for it Ruairi! ...finally another great thing to brag about on your website 😉


As it appears: the project is no more. That's the fate of rumors. As bloogers tell us (1, 2), Ruairi and studio support slowly faded from the project until someone pulled the plug. Might be, Akira is too big of a project to tackle decently - after all it's a bit of "anime underground", still. Chances were good that Leonardo DiCaprio as producer wouldn't have ever gotten his millions back on that.