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Skywalker Ranch, the Lucasfilm inofficial headquarter

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Skywalker Ranch

Among film enthusiasts the famed Skywalker Ranch (sometimes Lucasfilm Ranch) is the origin of some of film's greatest moments. The property, bought and built by George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars franchise, was over years the primary home of all Lucasfilm operations (until recently, when Lucasfilm moved it's official epicenter to the Presidio in San Francisco, to the Letterman Digital Arts Center).

Not many fans had access so far, while a steady stream of professional filmmakers  go there to put the finishing touches on their work, mostly in the domain of sound as the site features a top notch mixing facility.

The "Lucas Valley Road" address is a pure coincidence, but was an argument for Lucas to buy the property in the early 80ties.


5858 Lucas Valley Rd
Nicasio, CA 94946


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