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Notes about references in Oblivion (2013)

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Some notes about Oblivion (2013), revealing the strong intertextuality of film in general, and Kosinski's work in particular:
(spoiler alert!)

  • Slipstream
    Plot elements, flying over devastated landscape, the overall mood, etc.
  • Steven Lisberger
    He directed Slipstream, knows Kosinski since Tron:Legacy, Kosinski probably then saw Slipstream.
  • The Stahl House
    Clearly the blueprint for the tower/apartment. In one of Claudio Miranda's shots, a section is 1:1 Julius Schulman's iconic rendition of the building.
  • The "bubble ship"
    In Slipstream an Optica, yet also resembling Captain Future's Cosmoliner.
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
    The red HAL9000 eye, on the drones and in the Tet.
    In 2001, a monolith enters the galaxy, here it is a strange triangular Tetrahedron.
    The NASA deep space probe was called Odyssey, just like in 2001 and the NASA Apollo Odyssey-1 moon lander.
  • Kubrick momentsChandeliers, baroque design elements - that's in Oblivion when the hero enters the old library, it was in Tron with Flynn's hideout, and Kosinski cited that in his (spec?) commercial Les Jumelles back in 2004.
  • and, anyone else thought:
    - Why are 's/Victoria's eyes so dilated throughout the whole movie? A hint that she's not real? Circle-lenses, for the look?? But then, they are just as dilated/ giant iris/ only pupil, when she *was real*, back on the NASA's Odyssey mission/ film sequence.
    - Morgan Freeman's entree is too much of a French comic book/ Léon (imdb) -look.

In case there's a bounty set out (Mr. Kosinski, I am looking at you) for who is first in finding all the elements: I am in!
(Drop me an email to webmaster at goes zen dot com, ok?)

The film has seen quite some bashing because of a thin storyline - I think that's not okay. Actually, my perception was that it was good, modern, even post-modern storytelling, with well timed twists and only very few klichee moments.

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  1. Ygor Slugarobiev says:

    Well observd, thank you!

  2. Ygor Slugarobiev says:

    Well observd, thank you!

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