Nov 13

Nautilus not showing nautilus-actions on Ubuntu 20.04

Category: Linux,Software   — Published by goeszen on November 13, 2021 at 4:10 pm

FileManager-Actions, formerly known as Nautilus-actions

In case you've migrated to a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04 and are wondering why in Ubuntu / Gnome's file manager Nautilus your nautilus-actions do not show up, here's why:

Nautilus on a stock Linux comes with a default but limited set of pre-installed extensions. The one to enable user-defined file-manager actions is not among them, so do this:

$ sudo apt install nautilus-extension-fma

and you're all set.

Upon right-clicking on any file/dir in Nautilus, your (user-space) installed extensions should show up.
Of course you already know that those nifty right-click scripts are not stored in some dot file in your user directory but in the GConf settings environment. And you also know that the package we installed with the command above is called "nautilus-extension-fma" with "-fma" because the formerly named nautilus-actions are now called filemanager-actions or fma for short. And you also already know that you usually manage create/edit/delete those little scripts by installing and using filemanager-actions.

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