Oct 29 2016

bup - backup into a different directory

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 4:58 pm

This might be totally obvious for some but it took me some reading until I found how to backup some local directory location 1 into some other local directory, location 2 with bup. Use the -d switch (for "use this directory"). By default, bup will use the target/destination directory which is in the $BUP_DIR environment […]

Oct 08 2016

AtomicParsley batch processing a whole dir

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 4:35 pm

As you might know (or have found out): AtomicParsley doesn't do batch processing. It does not suppoort it via some switch, nor does it allow to be fed with multiple files via shell's file globbing like "./*". Here's how to do it. We combine a simple shell scripting one liner introduced in the post "call […]

Jul 22 2016

Slow boot after upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04

Tag: Linux,Ubuntu,WIPgoeszen @ 5:07 pm

On one machine, a laptop with 4GB RAM but a slow HDD, I've come to experience very slowed down bootup times in comparison to 14.04 LTS after upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. (We'll ignore the less-snappy UI experience for now, like Nautilus opening or SMPlayer creating and drawing the windows when I click a video, […]

Jul 02 2016

How to add album cover art to .m4a files on Ubuntu Linux

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 2:08 pm

m4a containers for audio files have become quite common. Adding metadata via ffmpeg's -metadata mechanism works well with them, except for album art. The current solution is to use AtomicParsley: On Ubuntu (14.04 at least), the atomicparsley package has problems. So we need to install it manually from its homepage: Go to https://sourceforge.net/projects/atomicparsley/ Download and […]

Jun 28 2016

How to append a date time stamp to a logfile

Tag: Linux,webservergoeszen @ 2:35 pm

Here's a handy CLI one-liner to add a date timestamp to a file, in case you want to mark a certain position/date/time in a log-file, for example in case you are doing changes to a web-site or want to separate events on an Apache instance, events which are before and after a certain time: echo […]

Jun 14 2016

Bundle and minify multiple CSS (or JS) "assets" into one file

Tag: Linux,webservergoeszen @ 7:57 pm

It's common to compress/optimize/bundle multiple CSS or JavaScript files into one file, so you minimize HTTP requests when a client prepares a website. Similar to what file asset tools like File::Asset do. Here's how to do it with YUICompressor: $ cat style.css media.css | java -jar ~/yuicompressor-2.4.8.jar --type css > bundle.min.css What it does: cat […]

Jun 10 2016

"kyra.dat not found or corrupted", running Kyrandia via ScummVM on Ubuntu

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 5:58 pm

When you try to run The Legend of Kyrandia via ScummVM on Ubuntu (actually any platform), you'll learn that some games need an additional .dat file in order to run. In my case I was trying to run Kyrandia 1 PC disc version, and while I had installed ScummVM via package manager, it kept complaining […]

Jun 08 2016

Having emoticons / emoji in Ubuntu Linux

Tag: Linux,Ubuntu,WIPgoeszen @ 6:12 pm

Did you notice that anyone else on earth seems to have Emoji render correctly, for example the smileys and stuff people add to instagram or twitter posts, while you running trusty Linux have some garbled placeholder icon there? Something like this: Well, I've tried two (actually three) solutions which are commonly presented online, and it […]

May 13 2016

Ubuntu 14.04 no network after restart or package update

Tag: Linux,Ubuntugoeszen @ 1:12 pm

So you suddenly have no network after you booted Ubuntu today? You did a package update upgrade recently? Well you probably did, even if you don't remember. You probably noticed it when your browser told you it can't connect to the Internet, or by the missing network applet icon in the upper right corner of […]

Apr 28 2016

OptiJPEG - how to optimize JPG images losslessly

Tag: Linux,multimedia,Toolsgoeszen @ 5:19 pm

optipng and pngcrush are well known tools to optimize data structures within PNG images without actually re-compressing image data. These tools are quite effective in shaving off a few bytes, and sometimes can lead to 20-30% reduction in file size. JPEG images on the other hand can't be optimized the same way. (There's no such […]

Apr 01 2016

Extract subtitles with ffmpeg from a .ts video file

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 2:48 pm

This post chronicles my ultimately failed attempt to extract subtitles with ffmpeg / avconv from a .ts DVB-S video-file recorded from live television. I started with a search for anyone else having tried that and found many pointers on stackoverflow and such, but all were referring to .srt subtitling. As it seems a lot of […]

Feb 09 2016

Moving WhatsApp between Android phones

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 1:42 pm

Moving your WhatsApp chats, groups, images and videos from one android based phone to another android based phone is a common "problem" - so here's how I made it work in roughly 6 simple steps: 1. On the new phone: install WhatsApp verify your phone number and such (we do this so WhatsApp will init […]

Feb 07 2016

Ubuntu VoxNow videos laufen nicht

Tag: Architecture,German,Linux,Ubuntugoeszen @ 11:18 pm

Wenn man mit Ubuntu die Mediatheken der privaten TV Sender (VOX, RTL, SUPER RTL, NTV-Now, RTLNITRO-Now etc.) nutzen möchte, wird man recht schnell feststellen, dass die Werbung zwar läuft, danach der Player aber seinen Dienst quittiert. Die Video-Wiedergabe bleibt einfach "stecken". Man mag das als einen glitch abtun, in der Tat steckt aber ein lösbares […]

Jan 19 2016

Bash scripting oneliner: call a script on each file from a file glob

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 5:10 pm

So, how do you ... call a script on each file from a file glob / wilcard selection pattern? ... call a script on each file in a dir with a bash script one liner? ... call a script for each / foreach file in a dir? ... do something for each file from a […]

Jan 15 2016

Pre-selecting list-items on a zenity list dialog is not possible

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 11:22 am

Marking or preselecting an entry in a list-dialog in Zenity, to my knowledge, is not possible. So you can't set the list cursor on one of the list-items programmatically, before generating the dialog, and indicating some sort of "current state" to the user. Or again in different words: you can't highlight one of the entries […]

Dec 22 2015

Allow local LAN in UFW

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 1:51 pm

Quite often I have scoured the web on how to allow the "local" or "private" IP range behind my router, this 192.168... subnet, to enable one machine to access another machine on my local LAN, or in other words allow clients to connect to one another within my private LAN network, and keep everyone else […]

Dec 21 2015

Extract images from PDF, how to

Tag: Linux,multimedia,Ubuntugoeszen @ 2:03 pm

In case you want to extract images from a PDF, and I mean really extract what's embedded in the PDF, not just taking a screencap or something, here is a low-level way of saving embedded images from a PDF file: Extracting is possible via poppler-utils. This comes with a small tool called pdfimages, a "PDF […]

Dec 18 2015

awstats power ups

Tag: Linux,webserver,WIPgoeszen @ 2:17 pm

AWStats may look a little dated, compared to Analytics, Metrika and the like - I mean, just looks at its, well, "efficient" website. But still, it's a very powerful tool to tell you what's going on on your webserver. So, in order to make it yet a little more useful, here are some ways of […]

Nov 20 2015

Comparison of lossless audio compression options

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 4:17 pm

Similiar to the posts Comparison of lossless video compression options and Recompress DV lossless?, where we look at options to compress or re-compress video without sacrificing quality, or introducing a new generation - now, here, we'll have a look at schemes to compress lossless audio losslessly. In particular, how can we get the size of […]

Nov 19 2015

How to merge videos with avconv or ffmpeg

Tag: Linux,multimedia,Ubuntu,WIPgoeszen @ 5:59 pm

Ffmpeg and it's guise avconv are the swiss army knife of video transcoding and handling. We've already looked at editing out segments from a video using avconv, using it for simple "subtractive" video editing. Here now, we're specifically looking at concatenating or merging a number of video files into one continuous video, "additive video editing" […]

Nov 05 2015

HTML: How do you develop for retina displays?

Tag: multimedia,WWWgoeszen @ 11:23 am

Web images, HTML and high DPI displays - or, how do you develop, write HTML, for "retina" displays, displays with more than the usual 72 dots per inch (DPI)? Images on mobile device displays sometimes look blurry. That's because smartphone displays are, for example on a Samsung Galaxy, 360 pixels wide - but, here's the […]

Oct 28 2015

How to extract frames with avconv, the right way

Tag: Linux,multimedia,Ubuntugoeszen @ 3:39 pm

Capturing frames from a video with avconv or ffmpeg... I keep looking this up in search engines over and over again, yet I end up getting the wrong commands every time! - so here it is: extracting frames with avconv / ffmpeg and keeping quality high. ("Keeping quality up"?, you ask? Well, yes, that's what […]

Sep 08 2015

Change EXIF date/times and file timestamps with exiftool

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 8:07 pm

In case you forgot to set the internal clock of your point-n-shoot or DSLR camera, use this command to adjust the time skew in EXIF tags and the file's modification timestamp (mtime): $ exiftool "-alldates-=00:09:36" "-SonyDateTime-=00:09:36" "-FileModifyDate-=00:09:36" -overwrite_original DSC03485.JPG alldates, as stated in the docs, "AllDates is a shortcut for 3 tag names: DateTimeOriginal, CreateDate […]

Sep 01 2015

cmake hint: when the c compiler is set to a c++ compiler

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 5:04 pm

Here's what to do when CMAKE_C_COMPILER is set to a C++ compiler. While compiling openCV, I ran into this error message: "The CMAKE_C_COMPILER is set to a C++ compiler" when I executed cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RELEASE -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local .. according to the openCV install guide Via a github issue (more exactly here) I found the cure […]

Aug 29 2015

Trigonometry cheat sheet

Tag: Perl,WIPgoeszen @ 8:22 pm

This is a rather amateurish Perl cheat sheet for when you're starting with trigonometry in Perl. First, Perl uses radians instead of degrees, so you'll have to use Math::Trig's rad2deg and deg2rad functions to computer the one or the other, compare Perl Cookbook, ~ chapter 2. Then you might want to calculate the arcsin of […]

Aug 27 2015

Getting started with OpenCV

Tag: Linux,multimedia,Software,WIPgoeszen @ 11:05 pm

In any case, do your first steps with myrobotlab - from myrobotlab.org Build instructions are on https://github.com/MyRobotLab/myrobotlab Within the myrobotlab GUI, you can then use opencv as a "plugin" and you can test the various processing features of opencv, prototype a pipeline etc. - it's easier than diving in via the python bindings as first […]

Aug 03 2015

exim - add email addresses or mail users

Tag: Linux,webservergoeszen @ 9:45 am

So you want to add more email addresses or email users to a system running exim? Here's how: Make sure an alias is defined How do you "add" users to your exim configuration, so mail sent to one of your domains hosted on this machine is properly delivered to the user's inbox? Well, first you […]

Jul 30 2015

Webcam abkleben, richtig gemacht

Tag: German,WWWgoeszen @ 7:19 pm

Wer möchte kann seine Webcam abkleben - das kann helfen, wenn man unter Paranoia leidet und sicher sein möchte, dass auch kein Flash Plugin oder anderer Software Fehler ermöglicht, dass jemand über das Internet auf die eigene Webcam zugreift und heimlich mitschaut, was man macht... Also, Post-It raus, zuschneiden und fertig:

Jul 11 2015

Recompress DV lossless?

Tag: multimedia,WIPgoeszen @ 1:36 pm

DV video, as found on MiniDV video cassettes, is already a lossy compression, you can't re-compress DV files without introducing another generation. Period. You may decompress the DV material, and re-compress it with a more up-to-date compression scheme, but that, again, is another generation in terms of compression and quality loss. What you can do, […]

Jul 08 2015

Comparison of lossless video compression options

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 11:47 am

Here it is, an unscientific comparison of lossless video encoding / compression options on Linux with avconv: Input material was 20 seconds of digitized, interlaced PAL VHS video encoded as HuffYUV video. Regarding the table of files below, "_interlaced" means avconv was passed the interlaced flag: -flags +ilme+ildct and "_masked" means the "noisy" VHS overscan […]

Jul 04 2015

Grabbing VHS: libx264 and interlaced video

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 11:33 am

One thing I've overseen for quite a while is that VHS is interlaced and the mp4 x264 codec does not handle it correctly automagically. That means: you have to tell avconv or ffmpeg to pass a switch to the x264 lib, to turn interlaced mode on and store the video actually interlaced. As it seems, […]

Jun 28 2015

Capturing VHS video with vlc via v4l2

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 2:01 pm

After re-using my VHS mencoder avconv capture pipeline today, on a Ubuntu 14.04 system, I've found that things had degraded since my last post. It seems the stk1160 driver, in relation to my kernel, or my halfbaked install of it, or anything else was raising issues again. Capture framerate dropped to an unusable rate (with […]

Jun 24 2015

How to take Screen Caps from / do Thumbnails of anamorphic video in correct display aspect ratio

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 11:16 am

Much of the free floating documentation found on forums and blog posts has been cut off when some developers forked avconv from ffmpeg. I made this experience when I was looking for advice on how to capture images (screen caps/thumbnails) from an anamorhic video (for example from a DVD) in it's correct display aspect ratio. […]

Jun 21 2015

logrotate basics (where config file are, how to restart, etc.)

Tag: Linux,webservergoeszen @ 1:49 pm

Logrotate is a utility which rotates logs in regular intervals. The main: logrotate config file is at /etc/logrotate.conf, but as with most things on Debian, there is a hierarchy of more config files in /etc/logrotate.d/ depending on what services and packages you've installed. For example if you run Apache, there will be an Apache config […]

Jun 05 2015

Animated desktop wallpaper on Ubuntu Linux

Tag: Linux,Ubuntugoeszen @ 6:31 pm

So you want to configure your desktop to be animated, probably having it display different things over time and the course of a day. Short answer: it's not possible (yet). The updated answer: it depends on how you'd define animated. If you mean really animated, like video, many frames per second, then the answer is: […]

May 22 2015

How to switch off your screen with a keyboard shortcut

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 12:45 pm

Recently, I was annoyed by the way my display went to sleep (power off/ stand-by mode) on Ubuntu / Linux. I have no screensaver installed so everything what happened was that after a few minutes of idling, the display would go to sleep (into stand by). But I had no means to speed this up, […]

Mar 05 2015

No sound after resume from hibernation in Ubuntu 14.04

Tag: Linux,multimedia,Ubuntugoeszen @ 5:58 pm

A few days ago, Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit started to show a bug: occasionally, when I resume the machine from hibernation (sleep/suspend mode), it came back okay, except sound was not working, was muted, no audio. Quite puzzling, as a search for "Ubuntu 14.04 Audio mute after resume from suspend / hibernation" "Ubuntu 14.04 restart no […]

Feb 24 2015

How to switch of the screen

Tag: Linux,Ubuntugoeszen @ 7:00 pm

Very often, when you hear music or go away, your machine will first idle for a few minutes (whatever your screensaver is set to), then go to screen-saver mode and in case you have that set, after a few minutes your screen / LCD / monitor will completely shutdown, mostly first the LCD backlight, followed […]

Dec 19 2014

How to find the path of the image currently used as Ubuntu desktop wallpaper

Tag: Linux,Ubuntugoeszen @ 10:05 pm

Recently, I wanted to find out where the file I was currently using as GNOME/Unity Ubuntu desktop wallpaper - as it had been quite some time since I've selected it, and wanted to move somethings around my system, without breaking stuff, or accidentally deleting the background image I was using. First, I tried the GUI […]

Sep 02 2014

cordova and installing the Android Development Toolkit (ADT)

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 10:53 pm

Probably it's just me but adding platforms on cordova CLI wasn't so intuitive for me at first. Following the guide on the cordova docs didn't tell me everything that was needed to get it up and running for Android. The thing is, npm installs cordova, but not the Android SDK (or the iOS SDK, or […]

Aug 12 2014

exim4: adding a SMTP banner and enabling TLS for mail relay

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 9:07 pm

Two things you can do to boost the reputation of your exim server (apart from having a correct reverse DNS record)  is to enable the smtp_banner, and enabling TLS (or https, SSL) encryption for mail relay. SMTP Banner Actually, I think it is enabled by default now, and ignored by many relays, as it had […]

Jun 19 2014

Adding a welcome login message for console users

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 4:04 pm

On Linux its common to log into a system via SSH or serial console. There is a standard message that welcomes every user. It can be changed, which is handy to pass on any introductory information to new users or to identify the system on logon. /etc/motd The text you receive after login via shell […]

Jun 18 2014

Server hangs after installing a SSL cert with passphrase

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 1:23 pm

This is an important hint in case you switched from a "plain" RSA SSL Certificate, for example for Apache, or Dovecot, to a new certificate *with* password protection. Although having a passphrase on the cert adds another layer of security around your SSL certificates, it also raises burdens for programs that rely on access to […]

Jun 18 2014

Remove password from a password protected SSL certificate

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 1:07 pm

Handy command in case you want to get rid of the pass-phrase wrapper of a cert key: openssl rsa -in example.com.key -out example.com.key_no-passphrase

Jun 18 2014

Whitelisting multiple IPs in mod_evasive

Tag: Linux,webservergoeszen @ 1:03 pm

In case you want to whitelist multiple IPs or IP-Ranges in mod_evasive, for example localhost and bing, you'll have to use multiple lines (NOT a comma or space separated list!): DOSWhitelist DOSWhitelist    192.168.1.* # next is bingbot: DOSWhitelist I didn't find a direct explanation of this anywhere else...

May 18 2014

Why Ubuntu has no firewall, or why UFW is disabled by default

Tag: Linux,Ubuntugoeszen @ 3:45 pm

When you set up Ubuntu, and when you're coming from a Windows world, your first move is probably to install a firewall. Well, wrong. No need to. Ubuntu, and Debian, on which Ubuntu is based, comes with iptables, a very low-level, very strict and very secure "firewall" - actually it's a front-end for the internal […]

May 16 2014

Ubuntu 14.04: how to get rid of overlay-scrollbars

Tag: Linux,Ubuntugoeszen @ 1:24 pm

With every release of Ubuntu, one of the first things I do is getting rid of these space-saving scroll-bars called overlay-scrollbars that only appear when you hover over a window's edge. I want the traditional old-skool always visible scrollbars back! On older releases of Ubuntu, you could adjust a setting in gsettings to toggle between […]

May 16 2014

Installed Ubuntu 14.04 and my calendar/clock is in the wrong language

Tag: Linux,Ubuntugoeszen @ 1:15 pm

Huh? Yes, that happened to me after installing Ubuntu 14.04 - in my case it was Italian! I don't know how that came out, but I remember that during install, the keyboard layout was initially set to Italy, and sometimes other GEOIP stuff seems to set Italy for nearest mirror servers... Anyway, here's how to […]

May 16 2014

how to tar your dotfiles, and ONLY dotfiles

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 1:10 pm

On Ubuntu/Debian/Linux/*nix, the dotfiles (and dot-directories) in your /home folder contain all your settings, and also your emails (if you use thunderbird) and your browser configuration/history/add-ons/etc. (if you're using firefox). So it's handy to back all this up. If you want to use tar on the CLI, here it is: ls -A | egrep '^\.' […]

Apr 08 2014

Ubuntu not booting with blinking cursor only

Tag: Linux,Ubuntugoeszen @ 1:51 pm

It happened to me before, and it happened again the day before yesterday: Ubuntu refused to boot, and the only thing that greeted me was a blinking cursor (or dash) in the upper left corner of the blank black screen. I couldn't remember if there had been an upgrade of the kernel or grub, but […]

Nov 19 2013

I want to have "animated JPEGs"! (a manifest)

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 4:23 pm

As sort-of follow-up to my earlier post, I want to set bookmarks in videos!, here's another feature / app request for the developer community: I want to have looping MJPEG files, and broad support for it in browsers and image-viewers! Why? Well, everyone knows: tiny "videos" that start more or less instantly, without any pesky […]

Nov 15 2013

Sphinx speech recognition on Ubuntu Linux

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 10:58 pm

Sphinx, just like Julius, is an open source speech recognition tool, relying mainly on Hidden Markov Models (HMM). It's not about voice recognition, which is sometimes used interchangeably but means speaker recognition, while speech recognition is about transscribing ("understanding") a spoken text. Get CMU Sphinx from its website: You'll need sphinxbase, and we'll run pocketsphinx […]

Oct 10 2013

How to reduce noise in overscan areas (when digitizing analog video)

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 11:04 pm

...without cropping, or resizing, keeping the original SD image size. While digitizing analogue video, one of the things you'll notice is that a source like VHS introduces quite an amount of noise into your input signal and this noise plays particularly bad in relation to how modern codecs compress video. Some people thus use a […]

Oct 10 2013

Scene change detection with ffmpeg (avconv) to extract meaningful thumbnails

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 10:51 pm

When you want to get a grasp of what a video is about, a visual timeline is quite helpful. YouTube has integrated such a feature into their player - when you hover of the timeline, scrubbing along the seek fader, a small popup comes up and gives you a glimpse into a video at a […]

Sep 24 2013

Video and horizontal compression

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 3:05 pm

While digitizing VHS material, I had to inform myself about horizontal compression in relation to interlaced standard-def SD video. VHS already uses a slight horizontal squish to save bandwidth on recording. Then, when you read about digitizing VHS elsewhere, you often hear that it's okay to capture VHS at 360 or 352 horizontally. Also VHS […]

Sep 24 2013

Mencoder lavcopts options

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 2:14 pm

For video and audio encoding in mencoder, you can tell mencoder to act as the front-end while the real work is done by the libav library in the backend. You do this by stating lavc as the codec for audio or video and then by passing additional lavcopts to the underlying avconv/ffmpeg library. Well, some […]

Sep 20 2013

Linux eog alternatives

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 1:12 pm

Why would you want an alternative for eog on Ubuntu/Debian Linux?, Well... eog https://projects.gnome.org/eog/ is still not lightweight enoug (means: fast startup) no proper previewing of large JPGs (loads whole file instead of preview first, then full res) the annoyance of opening images at 95% even when there's enough screen property around it left after […]

Sep 13 2013

I want to set bookmarks in videos!

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 5:32 pm

Over and over again I am asking myself: is there a standard, a spec, some application or similar that would let me set bookmarks in videos? I want to bookmark moments in videos! Soundcloud, has a feature where you can add comments on the timeline of the playing audio, below the waveform display of the […]

Aug 25 2013

Free up space again after killing a long running MySQL "Alter Table" statement

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 5:54 pm

Sometimes, tables grow big and changing the structure of these tables with ALTER TABLE statements can take a loong time. (As MySQL first copies the full table with the changed schema and then interchanges the copy with the primary one) Or your server might run out of space while executing the alter table command. Usually, […]

Aug 19 2013

How to do a timecode overlay with ffmpeg

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 5:35 pm

In case you wonder if it is possible to bake a visual timecode reading into a video... it is possible! And depending on your version/build of ffmpeg (or avconv, respectively) it is dead simple. In case you are unfamiliar with the video-filter (-vf) switch of ffmpeg (docs here), go over to this page to see […]

Jul 11 2013

HTML5 video tag, How-to get video versions and "codecs" hints right

Tag: Linux,multimedia,WWWgoeszen @ 5:30 pm

Embedding Video natively into HTML is a dream come true, finally, with HTML5. But the video tag has it's own quirks. While Firefox mostly asks for ogg/theora video+audio and "just works", serving the right video to Apple+Safari users or users with Opera, IE, etc. on all sorts of hardware/devices gives us cause for new headaches […]

Apr 29 2013

Use avconv to tag mp3 files with metadata

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 3:41 pm

I often splice audio out from videos to have the audio track as a separate audio file, a mp3 or aac file depending on what's in the original video so the audio is copied over unchanged, lossless. When doing so, the simple metadata syntax of ffmpeg (or avconv now) is very handy to properly tag […]

Apr 29 2013

Digitising VHS tapes on Linux

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 3:20 pm

Grabbing VHS video or capturing VHS tapes is essentially like digitising a TV video signal with means of a hardware grabber, some capture video card, or as in my case, with a USB video capture solution. And: it's perfectly doable on Linux. In my case, I was using a stk1160 based USB stick, a cheap […]

Apr 28 2013

TV Grabber EasyCap / Mumbi / stk1160 on Ubuntu Linux

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 1:00 pm

The stk1160 based USB TV grabber/cpaturing stick is a cheap $20 EasyCap / Mumbi labeled device manufactured in China based on Philips compatible chips coming from Syntek/Silan. To start, just hook up your VCR with the USB stick via Cinch Audio and the yellow Composite or the S-Video In. On recent kernel versions, getting the […]

Mar 03 2013

Exim: Connection to local host refused

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 5:36 pm

In case you can't connect to your local SMTP server, for example from Perl's Mail::Sendmail, make sure to check the following: It might be that localhost and the IP address Exim is listening on are not the same! Do this: $ netstat -anp | grep " LISTEN " This will output all the ports local […]

Jan 07 2013

Kindle suddenly empty

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 3:42 pm

A few days ago, after unplugging my Amazon Kindle from my computer, I switched it on and to my horror - the device was empty! All my clippings, all my books and PDFs transferred via USB onto the reader - gone! Just the default manual and the dictionaries where there. But then I thought: hey, […]

Nov 20 2012

wget resume partial downloads

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 11:29 pm

Wget's resume option is named "continue". You can resume a broken, partial or incomplete download by adding the -c or --continue option to your set of switches. Just a note...

Oct 20 2012


Tag: Linux,webservergoeszen @ 8:43 pm

After debuggin the ssl_error_rx_record_too_long problem myself, it seems there is no one root of the error, not a single point to change. So here is how to track the error down on your system: Go to Apache's /etc/apache2/ports.conf and comment out Listen on port 443, restart apache and see if you can connect to the […]

Sep 14 2012

How to make ethtool settings "stick" on Ubuntu

Tag: Linux,Ubuntugoeszen @ 11:56 pm

On one of my systems I had to set my network to a strange configuration to get reliable connections: sudo ethtool -s eth0 autoneg on speed 10 duplex half I did this via ethtool after login, but then, I wanted this setting to be the default, after boot, automatically - I wanted to make the […]

Sep 03 2012

RAM upgrade on a Lenovo U160

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 8:51 pm

These photos illustrate how to do a RAM expansion on a Lenovo U160 - quite a few screws to undo.

Sep 03 2012

Firefox sometimes loads blank page

Tag: Linux,Ubuntugoeszen @ 8:26 pm

Recently, it happened to me that Firefox started loading a completely white, blank page. Strangely, always the same pages remain empty while other pages load without problem. My first hunch was a misbehaving Add-On or Greasemonkey script. Deactivated everything - no effect. Then I began searching Google, mostly discovering Windows related threads with people tracking […]

Aug 25 2012

Get rid of Unity's application grouping in application switcher

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 1:00 pm

If you're a bit old school or if you tend to work with multiple editors (multiple windows) of one application open (vs. having applications that offer tabs inside, like Firefox) you will get a problem when you want to cycle through these windows by pressing ALT+TAB. Unity by default groups windows of one application into […]

Jul 31 2012

Make sure exim4 (and your system) uses the correct hostname

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 12:23 pm

This post is related to the popular question "How to change the hostname on Linux?", as exim pulls the hostname from the "official sources" on debian. Edit /etc/hostname and set the short system name there. Edit /etc/hosts which contains the localhost entry and the system name entry, in the form <IP>   <Hostname_FQD version>   <Hostname> compare […]

Jul 30 2012

Configuring Exim4 with spamassassin and sa-exim on debian against spam

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 8:54 pm

In this post we learn how to configure exim4 on Debian with Spamassassin and the sa-exim module. Installing and configuring We do the routines suggested here, only without clamav virus scanning. apt-get install sa-exim spamassassin spamc Then, as the installer tells us, we edit spamassassins config file to enable the spamassassin daemon called spamd by […]

Jul 16 2012

git: push a local commit to github with your github username

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 7:14 pm

So, you've forked a repository on github or created a new one from scratch? And then, you decided to work on it on your local computer, and not with the online editor? Ok, Probably after you've changed something in the local cloned repo, you'd like to push it back to the online master repository at […]

Jul 09 2012

Lost wireless after upgrading a Lenovo Ideapad U160 to Ubuntu 12.04

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 6:42 pm

If you end up with no wlan after upgrading your Ideapad to Ubuntu to 12.04 Precise, then you are victim of a rare case: Ubuntu switched the wlan driver to an open source one for the b43 series of wireless card, like the Broadcom BMC4313 with PCI id 14e4:4727 that is used in the Ideapad […]

Jul 01 2012

fsck: Error 2 while executing fsck.reiserfs

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 3:24 pm

After attaching a ReiserFS disk to a devel box, after sudo fsck /dev/sde2, I've got this error: fsck: Error 2 while executing fsck.reiserfs for /dev/sde2 This is not an issue with permissions or so, it's simply the error that fsck can't find the reiser related tools. Do this: sudo apt-get install reiserfsprogs and your're all […]

Jun 04 2012

Deploying Dancer apps with Apache2

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 4:21 pm

While the Dancer documentation recommends deploying Dancer apps + Apache with Apache being configured as a proxy, I wanted to run my Dancer app as I was used to from CGI::Application applications, as simple cgi script. This means I use the dispatch scripts located in /public, triggering them by the CGI interface of Apache with […]

Jun 04 2012

Convert YouTube videos to mp4 (m4a) audio-only without transcoding

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 3:07 pm

Most formats on YouTube already contain AAC audio. Thus it is possible to convert the videos you downloaded from YouTube (for example with the YouTube Video Download GreaseMonkey Plug-In) to audio-only files without transcoding (!) the audio once again (=preserving quality). $ ffmpeg -i "<input file>" -vn -acodec copy -metadata title="<Title>" -metadata artist="<Artist>" -metadata comment="Ripped […]

May 05 2012

Moving a website from one server to another (the command cheat sheet)

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 12:41 pm

This here is a simple cheat sheet of CLI commands to move or migrate directories and sql databases from one machine to another: Dump a database table from MySQL: $ mysqldump -u <db-username> -<db-password> --opt --quote-names --allow-keywords --complete-insert <db-name> <db-table> > <output-file> Slurp a database table back into MySQL: $ mysql -u <db-username> --password=<db-password> -D […]

Apr 25 2012

"request length exceeds MaxRequestLen" with Apache2 on Debian Squeeze

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 4:40 pm

If you see an error in your Apache2 logs "mod_fcgid: HTTP request length 131198 (so far) exceeds MaxRequestLen (131072)" The defaults for fcgi have changed from Lenny (was 1GB) to Squeeze (is now 128KB) Solution is: Go to /etc/apache2/mods-available/fcgid.conf and add (here for 2GB): <IfModule mod_fcgid.c> ... ... # 2GB FcgidMaxRequestLen 2147483648 </IfModule> via Simple […]

Apr 24 2012

Multiple name-based virtual hosts with SSL on one IP

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 8:15 pm

Ok, read: http://www.g-loaded.eu/2007/08/10/ssl-enabled-name-based-apache-virtual-hosts-with-mod_gnutls/ http://forceping.com/2010/03/18/mod_gnutls-sorgt-fur-namebased-ssl-virtualhosts/ http://www.outoforder.cc/projects/apache/mod_gnutls/docs/#example then install $ apt-get install libapache2-mod-gnutls then run $ a2enmod gnutls check if anything is configured in these files that would prevent apache2 from working with gnutls: nano /etc/apache2/httpd.conf nano /etc/apache2/apache.conf configure your virtual hosts, refer to the manual mentioned above on how to do that nano /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default Possibly your […]

Apr 24 2012

tar a file or directory and 7zip it in one go

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 8:04 pm

tar cf - <path or file> | 7zr a -si <output>.tar.7z This means: tar "c" creates an archive, to "f" file (or device), in this case stdout ("-", the minus), all piped to 7-zip, here 7zr, reads from stdin ("-si") and outputs a 7zip file - all connected by the pipe. An interesting variant might […]

Apr 24 2012

Exim4: "temporarily rejected RCPT" problem solved

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 2:10 pm

If you, like me, get many "temporarily rejected RCPT <mail@example.com>: remote host address is the local host" messages in exim's /var/log/exim4/mainlog log, then here's what I found out to be the solution. So you've freshly installed exim or got a fresh install with Debian Squeeze? You did not tinker with the config files manually but […]

Apr 09 2012

Simple video editing with ffmpeg (avconv)

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 3:20 pm

If you want to trim, cut, chop or in any way edit a video on the command line, these commands here help you to get simple editing done with ffmpeg: (If you're looking at combining or merging videos with avconv, additive video editing, read this article.) Editing a section out from the middle of a […]

Apr 09 2012

Convert video to a series of JPG stills with ffmpeg

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 12:47 pm

Here's how to convert a video to a series / sequence of jpeg images, effectively converting every still frame into a jpg, with numbering, using the magic of ffmpeg: ffmpeg -i <input_video> -f image2 <output_name>%03d.jpg a more verbose variant: ffmpeg -i <input>.avi -r 1 -s WxH -f image2 <output>-%03d.jpeg To create a video from a […]

Apr 02 2012

Activating Swap... failed on Debian Squeeze

Tag: Linuxgoeszen @ 1:33 pm

Recently, on a very fresh install of Debian Squeeze I've noticed that on boot, the log said "Activating Swap... FAILED". A look into /etc/fstab brought up nothing helpful: UUID=xyz none  swap    sw 0 0 seemed okay. So as it seems there was an error with the volume that was listed as swap. Then, listing partitions […]

Mar 26 2012

Download DCTP News&Stories videos

Tag: Linux,multimediagoeszen @ 4:07 pm

Go to the start page dctp.tv, and find the URI of the video you want to download. From the Flash caroussell, the links are a little hard to extract. Look at the source and look for URLs starting with "/filme/". You'll also find the cloud front URL there, or visit: http://dctptvv2.appspot.com/streaming_servers/   Then visit the […]

Mar 24 2012

How to install the Wacom CTL-470 on Linux

Tag: Linux,multimedia,Ubuntugoeszen @ 1:26 pm

Installing the newest generation of Wacom Bamboo, Bamboo P&T (Pen & Touch), Bamboo Pen, CTL-470, CTH-470, etc. tablets under Linux can be a pain. We hear that in kernel 3.3 they are supported out-of-the-box, but that's in 2013! Until then, here's how to do it under Ubuntu 10.10+, current Debian etc. Forget all other guides. […]

Mar 19 2012

The personal file cloud (or the challenge of syncing files across machines and devices)

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 2:05 pm

Keeping files in sync is an ongoing struggle, and with most people having a multitude of personal computing devices, it's becoming more of a ubiquitous problem. Just think of the nightmare of shuttling files back and forth between your home desktop, the office desktop, your laptop/netbook and your mobile phone. At some point, you will […]

Mar 07 2012

SWFUpload stuck on pending

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 5:33 am

Switch on debugging and depending on your swfupload version it tells you either "Invalid function name: StartUpload" or "Call to StartUpload failed". Even more strange, it sometimes happens, sometimes doesn't, depending on if the page was loaded or reloaded. The solution is: it's caused by the swfupload element, the button, being inside a DOM element […]

Feb 23 2012

scp but skip existing files, use rsync

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 5:51 am

Simply put, scp can't skip existing files on the target, nor can it compare them based on size or timestamp. Thus you can't resume a former incomplete recursive copy of a directory without having to re-copy everything what's already there. You have to use rsync for this more advanced logic. rsync -av --bwlimit=350 --progress --stats […]

Feb 22 2012

Simple bandwidth monitoring on Linux

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 11:48 am

In case you want to simply see the traffic going in/out of your system, use ethstatus. Period.

Feb 22 2012

Find: Disabling a CPU actually increases power draw

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 11:11 am

I recently tried disabling a CPU in a multi CPU system to save power. The interesting find, it actually increases power draw on the system! Although this is far from being a scientific test, I saw on an idling system with two Xeon 5140 dual-core CPUs a 216-219W power draw. When I disabled core 1 […]

Feb 22 2012

Format a large 3TB drive under Debian and mount it

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 10:47 am

fdisk does not support the newer very large disks, thus we need to rely on parted, which has the GPT option already built-in. In my case, I was installing large Hitachi HDS723030ALA640 3TB drives. > parted /dev/sdb (parted) mklabel gpt (parted) mkpart primary 0 -1 (parted) print (parted) quit The mkpart primary 0 -1 means […]

Feb 03 2012

How to create a bootable DOS USB stick under linux

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 3:07 pm

Download balder10.img Wipe the stick with the proper drive /dev/sdb location with: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdd bs=512 count=1000 Go into qemu with this qemu -boot a -fda balder10.img -hda /dev/sdb a:> fdisk and create the primary drive exiting from qemu starte qemu again qemu -boot a -fda balder10.img -hda /dev/sdd format c: sys c: xcopy /E […]

Jan 29 2012

phpMyAdmin and “mysqli extension is missing” error

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 11:12 am

"mysqli extension is missing" error coming from phpMyAdmin means it can't find the php-mysqli module, which is pretty standard. Install apt-get install php5-mysql then, php5-mysql replaced mysqli or integrates the fixes it originally supplied. After the apt-get install you will still get the error as you need to restart your server after that! Otherwise, in […]

Jan 27 2012

Compiling Audacious plugins with the AudioScrobbler plugin switched on

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 9:58 am

On ./configure, audacious-plugins may report that you will compile with AudioScrobbler client : no. In this case install libcurl4-nss-dev (curl with SSL support), run configure again and it will indicate yes.

Jan 22 2012

Install and configure a MySQL database server on Debian Squeeze

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 12:52 pm

Do apt-get install mysql-server to install the MySQL client, server-core, server-5.x and setup the daemon. A small wizard will come up to ask you basic things.MySQL has its own user-permission system, so it asks for the  database root user's password first. If the wizard doesn't come up, you can create the root user manually: $ […]

Jan 22 2012

Securing ssh and other service daemons with fail2ban

Tag: Linux,webservertengo @ 11:30 am

On Debian Squeeze do this apt-get install fail2ban to install fail2ban on your system. Fail2Ban's conf files live in /etc/fail2ban,  the structure of these config files is explained here. Fail2Ban comes with a number of prepared config files for various services.But these templates have to be "activated" by editing the /etc/fail2ban/jail.conf config file. It is […]

Jan 22 2012

Installing Apache on Debian Squeeze

Tag: Linux,webservertengo @ 8:36 am

Just doing apt-get install apache2 will give you a working Apache web server, but not one of the optimized variants. As a rule of thumb: apache2-mpm-prefork: every request gets its own (memory-separated) process apache2-mpm-worker: the multi-threaded Apache2, uses threads instead of processes and is generally faster than -prefork and might use less memory. As PHP […]

Jan 22 2012

Installing sshd on Debian Squeeze

Tag: Linux,webservertengo @ 6:34 am

Installation of the sshd on Debian is not by apt-get install sshd but by doing apt-get install ssh which will ask you (or assume) that you want to run the ssh-daemon. You can check after installation by doing ps aux | grep sshd if the daemon is actually up. No that you've got direct access […]

Jan 22 2012

Installing Debian on an IBM x3650 7979

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 6:28 am

The IBM x System server x3650-7979 51G came with two SAS 73GB drives. First I went into the Adaptec ServeRAID 8k menu by pressing CTRL-A on bootup. Ran the basic check drive function and then formed an array out of the two drives by ~preparing the drives indivdually for the array, then formed an array […]

Jan 17 2012

Audacious playlists location

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 3:05 pm

The xmms fork and winamp clone Audacious stores it playlists in: ~/.config/audacious with ~/.config/audacious/playlist.xspf being the default playlist. All user added playlists are then stored in ~/.config/audacious/playlists/playlist_<number>.xspf

Jan 01 2012

How to wipe a hard disk before you sell it

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 8:01 am

In case you want to auction or sell your Laptop or an old hard disk, make sure people have a hard time retrieving your data. Download SystemRescueCD, for example. Boot into Linux (could be you have to change the boot order in BIOS) Use # fdisk -l to list installed drives on the machine. Use […]

Nov 18 2011

Merging multiple pdf files and jpg files into one PDF

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 10:59 am

As shown in Merging two or more PDFs into one, combining pdf files is simple with gs (ghostscript): gs -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -q -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=finished.pdf inputfile1.pdf inputfile2.pdf I should be equally simple if you've got some JPG files among the files you want to merge, through gs input filters, but I couldn't get it to work. […]

Sep 30 2011

Awstats shows most connections from or most requested page is asterisk ‘*’

Tag: Linux,webservertengo @ 4:14 am

No need to worry: this is the Apache's internal dummy connection. Apache / Apache2 uses it to wake up dormant processes/ requests. Read this. There are a couple of ways to remove this noise from your logfiles. On my system I went down this path: Go to your http.conf file, or the file containing the […]

Sep 07 2011

Fix: RapidSSL “issuer certificate is unknown” error

Tag: Linux,webservertengo @ 10:04 am

Recently I've came across an error where I updated a RapidSSL certificate on a server. A first indication that things are a little different than a few years ago was that RapidSSL issued a 2048 instead 1024 bit RSA key. Still, I didn't expect anything to behave differently  until I opened Mozilla Thunderbird. It complained […]

Aug 30 2011

Compiling tesseract OCR

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 2:41 pm

At least on Ubuntu, you shouldn't! sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr (and more language specific packages available via apt!) This here are the basic steps to compile tesseract, the open-sourced OCR software that rivals commercial packages (on Ubuntu 11.04 and similar): sudo apt-get install subversion automake libtool leptonica-progs libleptonica libleptonica-dev svn checkout http://tesseract-ocr.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ tesseract-ocr ./runautoconf Patch […]

Aug 30 2011

Sage Handwerk: Verrückter Datumsbereich 1899 - 2999

Tag: German,Linux,Windowstengo @ 11:01 am

Der Fehler sieht so aus, dass wenn man in Sage Handwerk 2011 z.B.  auf Auswertung > Rechnungsausgangsbuch geht, der Datumsbereich außerhalb jeder vernünftigen Regionen ist: 1.1.1899 - 21.12.2999. Und wenn man versucht diesen zu ändern bekommt man eine Fehlermeldung über ein ungültiges Datum. Ähnliches gibt es zu bestaunen, wenn man ein Projekt öffnet und die […]

Aug 30 2011

Sage Handwerk: Installationspunkt (Downloadverzeichnis) ungültig

Tag: German,Linux,Windowstengo @ 10:02 am

Der Fehler tritt auf Client-Installationen auf. SCHRITT 1: Schaue nach, ob die lokale HWP Installation korrekt registriert ist! Wenn es sich um eine Demo-Version handelt, geht kurz nach dem Programmstart oben rechts ein Fenster auf und sagt, dass das Programm an "Sage Software" lizensiert sei! (Das passiert, wenn man bei der Installation eine der mitgelieferten […]

Aug 30 2011

Sage Handwerk: Spielen sie das Datenbankupdate ein

Tag: German,Linux,Windowstengo @ 9:52 am

Bei mir sah die Systemumgebung so aus: Ein im Netzwerk erreichbarer Server fährt eine "Einzelplatz/Server"-Installation von HWP2011.2 nebst MSSQL Server. Die Fehlermeldung erscheint auf einem Arbeitsplatzrechner, auf dem gerade von CD-ROM eine neue Client-Installation des "Handwerk" HWP 2011.2 der Sage Software GmbH installiert wurde. SCHRITT 1: Schaue nach, ob die lokale HWP Installation korrekt registriert […]

Aug 30 2011

Sage Handwerk: Spielen sie das Datenbankupdate ein

Tag: German,Windowstengo @ 9:51 am

Bei mir sah die Systemumgebung so aus: Ein im Netzwerk erreichbarer Server fährt eine "Einzelplatz/Server"-Installation von HWP2011.2 nebst MS SQL Server. Die Fehlermeldung erscheint auf dem "Server" selbst. SCHRITT 1: Schaue nach, ob die lokale HWP Installation korrekt registriert ist! Wenn es sich um eine Demo-Version handelt, geht kurz nach dem Programmstart oben rechts ein […]

Jul 24 2011

How to copy a DVD to disk

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 5:09 am

While you may use tools like dvddecrypter under Windows to rip (decrypt or mirror, without shrinking) a DVD 1:1 to disk, vobcopy is the weapon of choice under Linux. How to use vobcopy to decrypt the DVD to disk that means, you want to make an exact copy of the DVD file and folder structure […]

Jun 23 2011

Extended file attributes on your filesystem, how to enable and use them

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 2:19 pm

Many modern filesystems provide the user with a facility to store arbitrary key/value-pairs along with files, so-called metadata. Wikipedia's definition: Extended file attributes is a file system feature that enables users to associate computer files with metadata not interpreted by the filesystem, whereas regular attributes have a purpose strictly defined by the filesystem (such as […]

Jun 16 2011

restricted-manager is now jockey in Ubuntu

Tag: Linux,Ubuntutengo @ 10:15 am

When you want to get your nVidia graphics card working or similar tasks with restricted drivers, people on forums might refer you to the restricted-manager. In case you wonder why you can't find it, can't install it via apt-get etc, the answer is simple: it has been renamed to jockey. From the Applications Menu it […]

Jun 14 2011

vlc Streaming Guide

Tag: Linux,webserver,WIPtengo @ 11:46 am

Table of Contents: Continuus asf/wmv video streaming The http interface and “403 forbidden” errors Running vlc or cvlc as daemon service Adding metadata to asf streams vlc as Relay-Server for an asf stream Flash Video streaming with vlc Streaming MP3 and publish via shoutcast (live) HTTP Streaming (iPhone-style streaming) vlc and the Video Lan Manager […]

Jun 14 2011

Blender: adding Effects via the Python API

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 11:45 am

This article is an unfinished sketch! Automating tasks in in Blender's NLE, the Sequence Editor, via the Python API can be a tricky task. Most I've achieved so far I managed by trial and error. For example, I've found the docs to be quite unclear on how to add Video Effects via the API, so […]

Jun 14 2011

How to copy a mixed-mode CD ROM to disk

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 11:42 am

Sometimes, for example when you've got games from the 90s on CD-ROM lying around, you might want to back them up to preserve the data before the CDROM becomes unreadable - especially when the only copy you've got left is a backup itself 😉 Many games in during the nineties where so-called Mixed-Mode CD-ROMs, which […]

Dec 23 2010

Ubuntu Linux on the Lenovo U160

Tag: Linux,Ubuntutengo @ 5:05 pm

Here is my log of what I did to get a decently running Ubuntu Linux install on a Lenovo U160 11" subnotebook. Now with updates for Ubuntu 11.04 (scroll down)! 1. Display trouble - black screen on boot As of this writing, a specific bug-fix addressing issues with the U160's display panel has not yet […]

Nov 04 2010

Get a mercurial repository local, work on it, then send it back - all via ssh

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 11:06 am

Clone To get a remote mercurial repo local, we use the clone command. If this repo does not expose a public URL, we can do this clone equally well via ssh: hg clone ssh://user@server:port//path/to/repo/ /path/to/local/repo hg clone [OPTION]... SOURCE [DEST] Notice the double slashes after the server's port, it doesn't work with a single slash. […]

Oct 25 2010

Combining two or more PDFs into one, on Linux

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 4:38 pm

The most elegant, open-source and completely free solution: use ghostscript. $ gs -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -q -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=finished.pdf inputfile1.pdf inputfile2.pdf ghostscript (gs) is pre-installed on most Linux distributions. Note: Learn about Merging multiple pdf files and jpg files into one PDF in this related post where files of different types (JPGs and PDFs) are merged into […]

Oct 13 2010

Adding software raid disks to grow a volume group

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 6:39 am

This is a follow up post to Creating a software RAID 1 as basis for an LVM drive. The basic steps of adding a disk to a volume group are for example explained here. What makes our process described here unique is that it uses an underlying set of two disks bundled as RAID 1 […]

Sep 13 2010

Ripping CDs on Ubuntu

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 7:39 am

Coming from Window, audiophile users probably miss EAC (exact audio copy) as a reliable application to rip CDs as accurate as possible. Others relied on dbpowerAmp and it's network of CD track checksums to verify what has been read from a CD by the disk drive. On Ubuntu Linux, mostly Rhythmbox or banshee will take […]

Jul 09 2010

Varnish lessons learned

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 7:42 am

Varnish is a high speed caching daemon or HTTP accelerator. I recently learned some lessons while implementing it on a host. I'd like to share here some bits of information which might be useful to others struggling with their install. Config file locations If you've installed varnish via apt-get install varnish, on Debian 5.0 the […]

Jun 26 2010

Upgrade Debian Etch to Lenny

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 5:47 am

In order to upgrade a running server via ssh from Debian Etch 4.0 to Lenny 5.0 I basically followed these steps here and had a perfect result. Change every line in /etc/apt/sources.list having "etch" to "lenny", then: > aptitude update Once this is done we will want to upgrade first the core apt packages > […]

Jun 15 2010

Manually power down a hard disk

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 5:42 am

In some cases it might be wise to spin down a hdd in order to save power, reduce noise or whatever. Most people will tend to let the system manage spin up/down of a hard drive, and mostly this feature is used on portable laptops to save battery energy. On an always-on desktop machine it […]

Jun 07 2010

How to test an SD Card on Ubuntu

Tag: Linux,Ubuntutengo @ 2:02 pm

SD cards and portable storage is getting increasigly large. So before you dump gigabytes of data onto these chips, it's a good idea to check if the SD card, SDHC, CF-Card or USB Stick is actually in good shape by thoroughly testing the preformated media. On Windows, there are some nifty focused utils to do […]

May 28 2010

Backing up a Windows PC to Linux

Tag: Linux,Windowstengo @ 8:36 am

One of the first things you might do, probably after your PC broke down or the OS got unbootable, is to do a copy/ snapshot of the system hdd drive before you do a clean install of Windows XP, try to repeair the existing one or do something else. In my case the machine in […]

May 21 2010

Installing archfs on Ubuntu (to browse rdiff-backup repositories)

Tag: Linux,Ubuntutengo @ 11:34 am

When you do backups with rdiff-backup, browsing snapshots older than the current one might quite quickly become a cumbersome command-line orgy. There are a number of tools out there to ease the pain with a graphical frontend. The rdiff-backup Wiki neatly lists them here, but you will soon find out that they are cgi based, […]

Mar 01 2010

Windows XP stuck in endless activation/login loop

Tag: Linux,Windowstengo @ 8:10 am

Not everyone is using *nix OS on their computers. Recently, I had a problem with another machine that was stuck in an endless loop of the login screen, completely preventing a proper startup of the machine. The story was that the machine got a few hardware problems after transport which lead to DRAM replacement and […]

Dec 21 2009

Copy DVD: Device or resource busy

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 4:04 am

While wanting to use DVD::Rip, Thoggen DVD Ripper and GnomeBaker to copy (or backup) a DVD today, I encountered the strange "Error trying to open: device or resource busy" on my Ubuntu box today. I solved this by freeing the dvd drive from system access with: sudo umount /dev/sr0 and everything worked. BTW: For DVD […]

Nov 25 2009

HTTP Live Streaming to the iPhone

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 11:31 am

Update: Note that the vlc streaming guide has some pointers on how to do HTTP streaming with vlc as all-in-one solution. Live http streaming (specs here) is essentially a number of short video segments (~10 seconds each) and a permanently updated index file (.m3u8) that tells the iPhone where to fetch the next segment. Each […]

Nov 05 2009

Building vlc

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 5:45 am

Compiling a recent/up-to-date vlc from source, from the latest SVN can be a pain as vlc has LOTS of dependencies. It can be, but it must not. Below I'm goint to present a number of strategies to take the hurdles and get a (more of less) working version of a recent vlc. I'd like you […]

Oct 29 2009

ffmpeg - audio and video length difference issues

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 5:43 am

When you use ffmpeg to, for example, extract audio and video as seperate streams, or if you import it into Blender's fabulous NLE, the Sequence Editor, you might encounter a different length of the audio and video part of the video. Call this audio video offset, audio video mismatch or simply audio video runtime/length difference […]

Oct 07 2009

FFserver Guide

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 9:10 am

This post is meant as a FAQ, an introductory guide and a general reference manual for  streaming video with ffmpeg's FFserver. It's is mainly the stuff I found out while setting up ffserver myself, and fills in some bits the official docs leave out. It is in no way complete and a "work in progress". […]

Oct 06 2009

Compiling a recent ffmpeg

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 4:33 pm

This guide is mostly referring to Debian Etch (4.0). Go to the bottom for ffmpeg on Debian Squeeze (6.0) Before you start, it might be useful to again read the post How do I compile stuff. Okay, here is how you build a recent binary of ffmpeg from source. Please be aware that configure switches […]

Oct 04 2009

TagFS, tracking progress in the field of semantic file systems

Tag: Linux,WIPtengo @ 5:38 am

Having an eye on recent developments in the field of storage, data archival and file systems, I think one can say that one of the more interesting approaches towards saving data on disk is the idea to flatten folder hierarchies and in turn introduce a filesystem that is based on tags. Each file can be […]

May 29 2009

Undelete, unerase - file recovery on Linux

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 7:19 am

Recently, while using an USB memory stick formatted in FAT32, I accidentally deleted a few files. My first idea while sitting on a Windows machine was to seek for a simple utility from the DOS world to get the files back. I thought it would be a no-brainer, but after wading through tons of Google […]

Apr 29 2009

DVD drive won’t play DVDs properly when no region is set

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 10:09 am

Recently, I installed a dual-boot OS on a brand-new laptop, absolutely fresh system, no OS, no formatted disc. I started with Microsoft XP and after the basic install was complete, I added vlc-0.9.9 to test DVD playback. Surprise: I did not work. Although vlc should be able to playback a DVD without any further decryption […]

Mar 15 2009

Simply lock a dir for browsing, no password, using .htaccess

Tag: Linux,webservertengo @ 4:55 am

Basically, every dir that is under your world-browsable path in your www directories will be accessible. Under normal conditions, that's exactly what you want. For example a domain example.com pointing to /var/www/example.com will allow users to browse around in all subdirectories of /var/www/example.com. Now, what if you add directories to this path you want to […]

Mar 11 2009

E-mail error: “Could not read message file”

Tag: Linux,Ubuntutengo @ 4:24 am

Today I had a strange error while trying to download my emails from my POP3 account. I am using Thunderbird and after downloading a few messages it stopped and spit out an error: "The RETR command did not succeed. Error retrieving a message. Mail server mail.example.com responded [SYS/PERM] could not read message file." on a […]

Mar 03 2009

LaserJet 1018 on Ubuntu 8.04, minor trouble resolved

Tag: Linux,Ubuntutengo @ 6:35 am

Following Alvaro's guide today, to repair my broken printer support after my dist-upgrade from 6.04 to Ubuntu 8.04 (amd64!) with version 3.9.2 of hplip from sourceforge. I ran into some issues I'd like to share. After the process, the printer properly showed up in the System Setup > Printer Window and seemed to work okay, […]

Feb 27 2009

NFS over the Internet?

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 4:28 am

I recently had the idea of trying to use a NFS (Network File System) share over the network and did a bit of research about it. Here are my results: As became obvious, the idea is not that new, with threads dating back to the 80s (here and here). The most important concern seems to […]

Feb 19 2009

Mercurial timestamp on commit, how to record datecode as commit date

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 8:55 am

Using mercurial (hg) recently, I came across an interesting problem. I had a number of files, properly dated back to their modification time by the filesystem (file_v1.ext was from 2008-June, file_v2.ext was from 2008-Aug etc...). In order to get versioning on these files finally right, I thought about adding them to a mercurial repository, thus […]

Feb 09 2009

Improve hard drive management with SMART

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 7:11 pm

Using redundant drives, keeping backups etc. might help to keep your data save. Anyway, being a bit more ahead of the curve is better than just waiting for harddrive failure. Now, how can we improve the overall management of our drives and how can we estimate when it's getting likely that a drive fails. What […]

Feb 05 2009

Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Dist Upgrade

Tag: Linux,Ubuntutengo @ 1:48 pm

After 3 years of solid service, it was time to update a few machines running Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Dapper Drake. A complete system wide upgrade is called a DistUpgrade - in contrary to updating/upgrading individual packages installed on your system, usually done with apt-get update && apt-get upgrade. Be sure to read some more manuals […]

Jan 25 2009

nano editor keyboard shortcuts

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 12:31 pm

The handy nano editor (official homepage, wikipedia) on linux/unix type systems is a very easy to use little text editor (far more intuitive than the much followed vi) and allows very efficient text editing once you get the knack of the keyboard shortcuts. Read the manual if you are completely new to it. Most functions […]

Jan 23 2009

Ubuntu trash, where it is and how to empty it

Tag: Linux,Ubuntutengo @ 12:22 pm

Of course, emptying the trash is usually a right-click on the desktop-trash and that's it. But sometime you've managed it to move something to the trash (i.e under sudo) where you've got insufficient rights to delete it once it is in trash. So here is the command to do this from the command line: Open […]

Jan 12 2009

Handy MySQL commands and advice

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 2:48 am

Install mysql with apt-get install mysql. The mysql config file can be found at /etc/mysql/my.cnf. Note that additional conf files may be linked from this file. If you are running mysql on your server, this means a permanently running daemon (a persistent type of program) will be present. It serves database connections on standard port […]

Dec 29 2008

Ubuntu torrent client - a selection

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 6:42 am

Torrent downloads (technically correct downloads via the BitTorrent protocol, filextension .torrent) are a resources saving way of providing large downloads for a large userbase. Made popular by the BitTorrent client torrent downloads can be handled by a number of clients - which is why so many do not speak of BitTorrent downloads that often anymore, […]

Dec 16 2008

Essential linux commands

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 2:28 pm

Speaking for a debian based system, here is a short list of very essential and useful commands: To update your system: agt-get update, then apt-get upgrade. Also see: Installing/updating software on any Linux system. The whole domain of /etc/init.d/xxx scripts, most prominently /etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload.Also compare these posts: How do I exit the X Server from […]

Oct 23 2008

RTMP protocol, handling and downloading

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 10:00 am

The RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) protocol is a proprietary and closed source protocol developed by Adobe which is used to stream (mainly FLV) video off a media server, like the the Adobe Flash Media Server. Most probably you've come across this protocol while watching video on one of the video sites out there. About […]

Oct 13 2008

SSL wildcard certificate to include subdomains

Tag: Linux,webservertengo @ 8:43 am

Using SSL as means to secure data connections to specific servers on the net is a widely adopted standard. One of the limitations of domains secured with SSL certificates is that a certificate needs to be hardcoded to be only valid for a single subdomain + top-level-domain combination, like www.example.com. If your sitestructure requires you […]

Jul 21 2008

Second hard drive appears as RAW after fresh XP install

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 10:37 am

Although this is definetly off-stopic for a linux blog, this strange symptom appeared while reviving an XP box with the SystemRescueCd Linux LiveCD recovery suite. The story was that the main drive C: with Windows XP Pro on it had a few defects and required a fresh XP install. Like certainly many systems these days, […]

Jun 02 2008

Eeepc install wine how to

Tag: Linux,Xandros / ASUS Eee PCtengo @ 12:02 pm

Installing wine, the windows emulator to execute dos/Win32 programm executables (.exe) under Xandros on the ASUS EeePC can be a bit challenging- but if you follow my guide you should have it up and running in a few minutes. Do this: 1. Open the console/a terminal by pressing CTRL + ALT + T 2. Paste […]

May 04 2008

Subversion: checkout a specific version

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 10:38 am

Here is how to checkout a specific revision from a subversion (svn) controlled project (use the "-r" option): svn checkout -r <revision number> This can be handy in case you use subversion in a production environment, where having the latest version is less important than having a version you know and can rely on.

Apr 28 2008

Netgear WG111 v3 on Ubuntu/Linux amd64

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 4:08 pm

If you are trying to properly install a Netgear USB WLAN dongle model WG111v3 on an Ubuntu machine running the 64-bit variant - just give up! There are numerous tutorials telling you that it would work, in version v1, v2 or v3 of the hardware - but they are all referring to the 32-bit version! […]

Apr 24 2008

Watermark video with ffmpeg

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 5:36 am

Watermarking a video with ffmpeg is simple - at least once you have the correct command line. Here is what I've figured out: ffmpeg -y -i 'inputFile.mpg' -vhook '/usr/lib/vhook/watermark.so -f /home/user/VideoTag.gif' ... I am using the older "-vhook" (video hook) functionality of ffmpeg here. Please be carful with the location of the watermark.so library. Depending […]

Apr 24 2008

Converting ANY video with ffmpeg (letterboxing/pillarboxing)

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 5:17 am

When you use ffmpeg to transcode videos from various sources and in various sizes, formats and aspect ratios to a given destination format, you can't rely on ffmpeg alone to produce the expected results. In this post we will have a look at how we can dynamically letterbox or pillarbox (black bars on the sides […]

Apr 21 2008

Ffmpeg incorrect top pad size

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 5:11 am

If you do letterboxing or cropping on your video with ffmpeg, you might get this error: "incorrect top pad size" In this case you managed to somehow screw up the values passed to ffmpeg for resizing/padding. Have a look at your command. If you are using a script to call ffmpeg, check the algorithm that […]

Apr 21 2008

Some package notes

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 2:34 am

At least on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04, doing this: apt-get install openssl-dev will give you an error: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Couldn't find package openssl-dev As a workaround, to use openssl and openssl-dev, use the openssl-dev components from another library: apt-get install libcurl3-openssl-dev Also note that libgsm-dev […]

Apr 21 2008

Chaining commands

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 2:25 am

On linux, and most other unixes, you can chain commands by simply putting a "&&" in between. This shorthand version is often used on make/install procedures without explicitely explaining it. So when you next compile something on linux, use sudo ./configure && sudo make && sudo make install to execute everything in batch without further […]

Apr 14 2008

Cron on Debian 4.0 “Etch”

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 3:57 pm

Every linux/unix based OS has a built-in scheduler, a tool to automate the execution of tasks/scripts/commands at a given time. This tool is the cron daemon. cron directories On debian 4.0 there are two procedures to add tasks to the cron table of events. The crontab and the cron directories: If you navigate the directory […]

Apr 14 2008

Security hole in Eee PC’s SAMBA daemon

Tag: Linux,Xandros / ASUS Eee PCtengo @ 3:25 pm

As the rise project recently found out, the pre-installed SAMBA daemon on the ASUS EeePC is an outdated version that has a security problem, allowing a knowledgeable user to gain root access on the system. The original arcticle is over here. The little machine is running version 3.0.24 of smbd, which is vulnerable to the […]

Apr 14 2008

Checklist for securing the Asus Eee PC

Tag: Linux,Xandros / ASUS Eee PCtengo @ 3:24 pm

Over time, even an ambitious project like the ASUS EeePC will run into first problems. Its growing userbase also means more focus from the black hat community. An important measure to keep a system healthy and secure is updating and other common linux security measures. Here is my growing/work-in-progress checklist for making the ASUS Eee […]

Apr 14 2008

Missing OpenSSL’s evp.h or hmac.h

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 6:42 am

When compiling a software package that is dependent on OpenSSL, it might happen that your compiler will give you the following error: configure: error: Cannot find OpenSSL's <evp.h> or <hmac.h> in this case, the compiler wants to tell you that you haven't the openSSL developer library installed. Do so by: sudo apt-get install openssl-dev on […]

Apr 07 2008

How-to install a MySQL server on Debian Etch

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 1:08 pm

As simple as this: $ apt-get install mysql-common mysql-server mysql-server-5.0 a small wizard should as for a root password (for the mysql server), otherwise: $ mysqladmin -u root -p password 'NewMysqlRootPassword' You can create a database like this $ mysqladmin -p create TestDatabase and add users like this (allowing access to the just created db): […]

Apr 07 2008

How to setup SSL with Apache2

Tag: Linux,webservertengo @ 12:58 pm

Offering https:// (SSL secured encrypted connections) is a feature most demanding webmasters who care about their customer's privacy will want to offer on any e-Commerce website. Here is a small how-to about configuring your apache to use SSL and how to install the required certificates. This is known as using a self-signed certificate. First, install […]

Apr 04 2008

Booting into rescue system

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 7:09 am

While configuring, changing or testing stuff on a dedicated server, things might break or you lock yourself out. Things like that often happen while securing your server. Anyway, there is help! Most ISPs offer a rescue console or booting into a rescue system to undo unwanted changes or rescue data from a defunct system. The […]

Apr 04 2008

Securing a root server

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 5:57 am

Running your own server is challenging. One of the first steps you should take though, are measures to make your system more secure and keep unwanted guests or intruders outside. In this simple how-to on securing a linux server, I'd like to mention a few basic steps I would recommend in order to harden your […]

Apr 03 2008

HP LaserJet 1018 on ASUS EeePC troubleshooting worklog

Tag: Linux,Xandros / ASUS Eee PCtengo @ 6:26 am

After wrangling with an older Kyocera printer on the Eee PC, the next level is to connect a newer HP LaserJet 1018. The Xandros printer management actually recognizes the device by the correct id, but as printing does not work right after connecting, this seems to be just the id that is transferred via the […]

Apr 02 2008

How do I restart services on Linux?

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 1:58 pm

An up and running operating system exposes a number of services to the user or the network by running so called deamons in the background. These are the services you may be familiar with from the Microsoft Windows envirnment, where the Task Manager (opened with <CTRL>+<ALT>+<DEL>) lists all sorts of little programms humming away. No, […]

Apr 02 2008

How do I compile stuff?

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 1:49 pm

Compiling an application or programm from source is actually not as complicated as it seems. In most cases and when everything is setup right, the procedure is as follows: Go to a directory where you have write permissions or become the superuser root Get the source of the application, for example from the web with […]

Apr 02 2008

How do I exit the X Server from command line?

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 1:40 pm

When on console, you can exit the X Server, which is running in the background, with: /etc/init.d/gdm stop or later restart it with: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart The toggle shortcut to switch back to the X Server's GUI is <CTRL> + <Alt> + <Backspace>

Apr 02 2008

Rebuilding a software RAID

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 1:36 pm

The are numerous scenarios possible, where a RAID system can get out of sync. That means that the data on one disk is not exactly the same as on the other drive - although these two disks should be in perfect sync all the time. But don't panic, this is what RAID was actually made […]

Apr 02 2008

Create a software-RAID-1 on a Linux system

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 1:17 pm

This is a short how-to to create and mount a software RAID 1 partitition. Before you start, it may be helpful to read this Then begin to mechanically install your new disks. Check the /dev directory. Your new disks should show up. In my case they were automatically labeled "sdb" and "sdc", "s.." as these […]

Apr 02 2008

Simple video transcoding with ffmpeg

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 12:55 pm

A really simple command to transcode a video file from one format/ container to another can be achived with ffmpeg -i inspectorgadget.ogg inspectorgadget.avi This illustrates the basic command-scheme ffmpeg uses. In this case ffmpeg transcodes an .ogg file to an .avi file (actually it just changes the container format). No further processing is done.

Apr 02 2008

Installing/updating software on any Linux system

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 12:52 pm

Managing installed software (so called packets) is pretty straightforward on linux systems like Debian. Go to the console and edit the /etc/apt/sources.list Sometimes the location is a bit different, like /etc/sources.list You can install software automatically from repositories, accessible via the internet. Adding a line like deb ftp://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/ unstable main to sources.list adds such a […]

Apr 02 2008

Banning someone by IP address

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 12:43 pm

If you would like to ban a subnet, an IP address or a single country, most of these tasks can be done by using mod_rewrite and your .htaccess file. Start by writing Rewrite conditions that match against the REMOTE ADDR variable. Depending on the length of your regexp you can ban a complete network, a […]

Mar 26 2008

Kyocera printer on EeePC, a troubleshooting worklog

Tag: Linux,Xandros / ASUS Eee PCtengo @ 5:32 am

When connecting a Kyocera FS-1010 to an ASUS Eee PC the default configuration should recognize the printer on USB and properly set it up for printing. But, as I said, it should... Actually getting the Kyocera to work on the EeePC was a little bit harder. First I fiddled around with the configuration of the […]

Mar 25 2008

Execute a command as root or someone else

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 5:08 am

On ubuntu, for example, executing commands is normally under a user other than root. In fact, root is deactivated altogether to make the system more secure even for novice users. However, on certaincircumstances you need to do things as root. This is where su (switch user) comes into play, or sudo (switch user and do). […]

Mar 21 2008

How to search inside files on linux

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 5:37 pm

On Linux, searching for files is easy with the find command. In order to search for a specific text pattern inside a file you can use this command: find . -name '*.php' -exec grep 'my text pattern' {} ; the "-name" section limits the search to files matching the stated pattern, in this case only […]

Mar 21 2008

Allnet 0187 (ALL0187) linux driver (WIP)

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 8:22 am

As I have no solution yet, this post must be considered work in progress (WIP). I am running Linux and plan on using an HomePNA (also called HPNA) phoneline network via an Allnet ALL0187 USB to HPNA adapter. My system recognized the device partly and is now using the "pegasus" driver - which as far […]

Mar 21 2008

EeePC root password, what is it?

Tag: Linux,Xandros / ASUS Eee PCtengo @ 8:12 am

When you figured out how to go to console on an ASUS Eee PC (btw it's pressing CTRL+ALT+T), the next question will be "how do I become root on the system, or what's the root password?". At first, Xandros, the OS on the little machine, has root deactivated by default, so you can't become root […]

Mar 20 2008

Install cpan on a server without root access

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 3:31 am

As you can see from reading this discussion, installing a cpan module, without root access, can be daunting. When you managed to install your own compiled Perl on a non-root account, this is in most cases earlier or later the next step/problem. Do this: login via ssh ssh remotehost.com -l myusername Mostly, follow this guide […]

Mar 19 2008

A secure filesystem for portable storage media

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 7:32 am

When using portable storage media like USB-Sticks, SD-Cards, Transflash cards or Memorysticks you do gamble a bit with your data. From multiple data losses on such devices I know that losing the piece itself is not the only way to surprisingly get rid of your files. Let's discuss these two aspects: The threat of losing […]

Mar 19 2008

Open the console on an ASUS Eee PC

Tag: Linux,Xandros / ASUS Eee PCtengo @ 2:32 am

Although the EeePC's desktop seems to be pretty locked up as the system is running Xandros Linux, you can enter the console by pressing [CTRL] + [ALT] + [T] and go on tweaking the OS.

Mar 17 2008

Getting started with awstats

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 7:22 am

A short how-to for awstats. Lately, when I found out analog falls short in terms of geo IP functionality, I decided to switch to awstats. Running debian and a webserver, I downloaded the awstats archive and extracted it on a reachable path within the www root of my server. Next I customized the shipped awstats […]

Mar 14 2008

Microsoft True Type Fonts on Ubuntu, debian & Co.

Tag: Linux,Ubuntutengo @ 10:43 am

One annoying thing on ubuntu and linux in general is the absence of the old and trusty true type fonts that are shipped with Mixrosoft Windows uses. But help is near: Microsoft has released these fonts for free and you can install them on any linux system with little effort. On ubuntu type sudo apt-get […]

Mar 11 2008

Ubuntu installation on a low RAM machine

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 12:04 pm

Ever wanted to get a decent ubuntu on an older PC, a legacy machine that you found down the cellar? Then you might run into weird trouble when installing from a live CD or DVD - the installer needs more than the available RAM While booting the system, press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to go to console Select […]

Mar 11 2008

Move a complete directory from one server to another (with tar)

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 11:52 am

There are multiple ways of moving folders from one machine to another. You could connect via FTP, download all stuff and then upload the folder to the other machine. But this approach would suffer from slow connections and a step in-between that is not really needed. So the best and easiest way ist to trasnfer […]

Mar 10 2008

Burn a DVD on Linux/Ubuntu

Tag: Linux,multimediatengo @ 6:53 am

Coming from Windows, doing simple tasks on linux or ubuntu can sometimes appear to be hard. To make things easier, here's the routine to burn a video DVD on ubuntu: Use (!) tovid, a wrapper for all the underlying scripts and tools. If you haven't installed it yet sudo apt-get tovid use tovid to create […]

Mar 10 2008

Access a shared linux folder from Windows XP via Samba

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 6:35 am

In the previous post you've learned how to share folders among pure linux machines. Now, in reality you'd like to access that securely hosted files on that linux server from a machine running Windows XP. Here's how to achive that: On the server sudo apt-get install samba sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf and add: workgroup = GROUP […]

Mar 10 2008

Share a folder on Ubuntu via NFS

Tag: Linuxtengo @ 5:36 am

First post on the zen of linux. A good start would be a basic post about how to get multiple machines working on a shared folder. The way to go in the linux/unix world is to use the pretty stable and reliable NFS filesystem. At first, you have to select a machine you would like […]